Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Fall Must-Have's - Volume 1.

It's August. I live in TX. This is typically by far the hottest month of the entire year - and by hot I mean 100+ degrees almost every day with a humidity level that makes you want to slap somebody.

So what am I doing to distract myself from the everlasting, disgusting, gag-inducing heat?
  • Drinking 3,746 Diet Cokes.
  • Eating TCBY for at least 1 meal/day.
  • Driving Newlywed Husband crazy by insisting on sleeping with a GIANT fan blowing directly on the bed).
Oh...and thinking about all of the fabulous fall clothes I can wear when the weather finally (will it ever?) turns cool again!

Here are some of my must-buys for fall:


What clothes are you coveting for fall?

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Texan Couture said...

I need those wedge pumps like NOW!

I'm coveting new Tory flats in the new fall shades.

Cee said...

yikes, I don't want to think about fall yet!!!!

but when I do start thinking about it...I want to get some high brown, flat, riding boot style, boots. I have wanted them for the past 2 years and still havn't found any worth buying!

The Shabby Princess said...

Woman. TCBY? Woman. Call me when you want a TCBY buddy. I sooo miss that place! And you live right by it. Brat.

Um, just sayin'. I've clearly fallen off the losing weight bandwagon, why not get fat with TCBY?

Elizabeth said...

LOVE the coat! But I hate that you have to go somewhere far north to really enjoy a good coat! around here you get like a week's worth of days to really use a coat to it's fullest potential! =) So now I'm wondering why I have so many coats and jackets.....

Sonny and Bryan said...

you can come up to the midwest- our summer is so disappointing we have yet to hit 95 i think! so not good when you are trying to get a pre vacation bronze! I'm excited to start following your blog!

d.a.r. said...

I looovvee fall clothes, they are by far my favorites!

Jordan said...

Love all of it! = )

My name is Megan... said...

I CANNOT wait for fall..gosh I hope it comes SOON!