Tuesday, March 31, 2009

This One's For the Boys...

I love action movies. Not for the fast cars, cool gadgets, or gratuitous violence. Nope, I love them because action is the one genre that Newlywed Husband and I can agree on, and both be totally happy with our movie-going experience!

I don't feel the need to drag Newlywed Husband to chick-flicks - that's what Saturday morning brunch/movie with the girls is for. I'd rather actually go see something that he will enjoy too (believe me, watching Julia Roberts or Reese Witherspoon smooch it up with some handsome dude named Rupert, Paul, or Ben is not his idea of a good time :)

Here are a couple of films coming out this month sure to appeal to the man in your life...and reasons why you'll like them too!

Fast & Furious 4 {Release Date April 3, 2009}

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel re-team (about time!), for a movie full of fast cars, shooting, and fighting.

Men Love It... for all the fast cars, shooting, and fighting.

Girls Love It... {see picture below}.

Crank: High Voltage {Release Date April 17, 2009}

Jason Statham stars as a man who has an artificial heart (someone stole his in the first movie, and replaced it with this one), that has one major glitch - he has to keep shocking himself to keep the heart going. Sounds pleasant, no? Oh, and he's trying to catch the people to get his heart back. Or something.

Guys Love It... for the non-stop action, lots of cool fighting movies, Bai Ling???

Girls Love It... because Jason Statham is incapable of starring in a movie that requires him to keep his clothes on. Set your watch to it ladies, he'll have ripped his shirt off within the first 15 minutes.

Fighting {Release Date April 24, 2009}

A young counterfeiter is introduced to the world of underground street fighting. Think bare-knuckle brawls, and lots of betting.

Men Love It... what fighting movie since 'Rocky' have men not loved? Training, fighting, gambling, an underdog triumphing... plus, Terrence Howard is in it, and for some reason all men love Terrence Howard. Weird man-crush thing, I think.

Girls Love It... Hello CHANNING TATUM! Where has this guy been hiding since 'Step Up'? (P.S. stay tuned, because the oh-so-hunky Channing will also be appearing in 'G.I. Joe' later this summer).

Mutant Chronicles {Release Date April 24, 2009}

Stay with me, this is way confusing. In 2707 the depleted world (shout-out to the environmentalists) is ruled by four corporations. Some Machine that was sealed during the Ice Age frees itself and begins transforming people into armies of mutants (shocker). A small army escapes to Mars, then goes on a mission to destroy the Machine and restore mankind to peace and harmony...blah, blah, blah.

Men Love It... Mutants? Suicide missions? Devin Aoki (the asian chick who was in Sin City, and whose family owns the Benihana restaurant chain - even I think she's hot)? Futuristic weapons? What man wouldn't love this movie?

Girls Love It... because the star is Thomas Jane. Remember? He's the guy that Cameron Diaz falls for in the 'Sweetest Thing'. LOVE him!

Happy viewing :)

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Monday, March 30, 2009

Hello Pretty.

You like?

{Edited to add: This is the Jessica Simpson Halli sandal, found on amazon.com for about $53. The sandals come in honey (shown), black, and gray.}

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Sunday, March 29, 2009

This One...Or That One???

Do you like this pretty navy bikini?

Or this pretty ocean-blue one???

Which one is prettier?

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Do you ever have one of those days where you're just crabby? This is one of those days.

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Saturday, March 28, 2009

Who Loves Betsey Johnson?...I Do!


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Friday, March 27, 2009


The lovely Miss Sweet Tea Diaries is hosting a super fab giveaway...here's a teaser!

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Things That Make Me Happy.

I just realized that my last couple of posts have been a little on the serious side, even...dare I say it...verging into whining territory. *le gasp*

Never one to rest on my laurels (does anyone know what that really means, anyway? What is a laurel), this post is meant to swiftly rectify the present situation, and return my sweet blog to its usual happy-go-lucky self!

Some things that make me happy...in no particular order.

{Diet Coke. Obviously.}

{Kissing my sweet honey-boo.}

{Beer. Nothing like a nice cold one on a hot summer day. In TX, we have a lot of hot summer days, believe me.}

{Seeing movies with the girls on Saturday mornings. Ya'll know who you are.}

{Hugging my sweet doggie. He's always up for some affection!}

{Being on the beach. Pretty much any beach.}

{Watching Burn Notice...possibly the greatest tv show ever.}

Have a super-happy Friday!

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This Makes Me Sick.

You've probably already heard about it on the news, if you'd like to read the complete story, you can find it here.

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Thursday, March 26, 2009

You Know Why Being a Grown Up Sucks...?

1. You have to pay taxes. We're halfway to 6 figures between property and income taxes this year. No bueno, Mr. IRS-man. No bueno.

2. Arguing with the insurance company about your $1500 emergency room bill is no longer something you listen to your parents do. You do it yourself.

3. Money is not something you spend on whatever you want like clothes and makeup. Oh no, you have to use it to pay for the unending supply of food that your 71 lb dog requires, and the ridiculous amount of dry cleaning you and your husband accrue weekly.

4. You can't just quit your job icing cookies at a bakery and get another job when you decide to take a month off over Christmas. Nope, you have to worry about things like benefits and sick time, and, oh yeah, BILLS!

5. Three words: no. summer. vacation.

6. Every time you eat a little too much Chinese food and swell up like a blowfish from all the rice and sodium, someone asks if you are pregnant. {For the last time: I am not pregnant, and will not be anytime in the near future. Unless it's an accident.}

7. You have to worry about things like mammograms (never fun), scheduling your own dentist appointments (Who wants to do that? I don't even want to go to the appointment, let alone have to schedule it!), and getting morbid things like life insurance (oh, the horror).

8. Six Flags, and the lure of subjecting one's body to being hurtled and jerked around a {possibly} rickety track at breakneck speeds is no longer is appealing. {This would be true, except they just decided to allow them to sell beer. Who's up for a roller-coaster ride?}

9. Just hearing the acronym 'PTO' makes you want to vomit.

10. You realize just how expensive car insurance really is, and strongly re-consider public transit, despite your intense phobia of being in an enclosed space with a lot of strangers who may or may not have bathed recently.

Peter Pan had it right, I think. (Danged flying Disney character.)

What do you hate about being a grown-up?

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Coming at You From MidWest City, Oklahoma! (Again)

Hi happy blog friends! I'm in Oklahoma again today doing some interviews, and have just a few minutes before the first one starts, so I thought I'd say hello!

I wish I could have taken a picture of this sign I saw on the way up here this morning but am (sadly) not willing to risk life and limb for the sake of the blog...sorry guys!

Just imagine a giant billboard by the side of the road just as you pass through Norman, Oklahoma (some of you girls may have actually seen this very sign!). It's a light blue sign, and all it says is:

Welcome to Oklahoma! Parking meters were invented in our great state!

{It's ok, I laughed too.}

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

What Happened to Carrie?

Sarah Jessica Parker looks...old. What hope is there for the rest of us, when even Carrie Bradshaw starts to age?

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Mid-Week Blogger Alert!

I've introduced her before...but please go meet my sweet friend over at her brand new blog Tshirts and Tiaras! She's got a couple of posts up, but needs some more followers...so please go give her some bloggy love :)

{p.s. if anyone is interested in a new blog design, I did t-shirts and tiaras and would love to do yours!}

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More Pretty Dresses...

Continuing the search for a pretty evening gown (see the beginning of the search here).

{all dresses from BCBG}

I'm not coming up with many ideas...help girls! Where to find long, pretty evening gowns???

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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


The white and red sangria wine cubes? The ones found at Target?

The ones that look like this???...

They're good. I mean real good.

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Monday, March 23, 2009

I'm Baaacccckkk!

Hi sweet friends! I've been spending time with my family this weekend, I'll be back soon with a full recap!

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Dresses...Pretty Dresses :)

Hello lovely friends! My weekend is almost here, so I'm {obviously} using my last few moments at work to blog (a most productive use of my time, in my personal opinion).

Fabulous news! I have a function next month that requires me to wear a long, fancy dress - joy of joys - an excuse to shop!

THE PARTICULARS: The dress needs to be long, preferably a v-neck, halter, or princess neckline (although the neckline style is negotiable), and fairly form-fitting (no ball-gowns. *sigh*).

Kelly green, bright yellow, any shade of pink, light purple, any shade of blue, black, coral, and burgandy are all IN!

Olive green, mustard yellow, bright purple, ecru, white (too bridal), and orange are all OUT!

Here are a few I found that I like...but I'd love to hear your suggestions too!

{all dresses from Nordstrom's}

Your turn!!! Where would you suggest I look for a dress???

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Happy March Madness!

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{pierre dumas rose. found at piperlime.com}

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Road Rage.

My daily commute requires me to travel on not one but (hold on let me count, Central to 30 through downtown to 35 to 183 to 121...), ok got it, five freeways. My total drive time getting to work ranges anywhere from forty minutes to an hour and a half. Yuck!

Let me just clarify this right off the bat - I hate loathe and despise driving more than almost any other activity on the planet. When I become independently wealthy (someday, over the rainbow...) the absolute first thing I will do is hire a driver. Or maybe just buy a helicopter. Anyway.

I also happen to be a very low-key person in the morning, preferring to keep interaction and activity to a minimum until I've consumed enough caffeine to be considered a real person. Drama, action, and excessive talking are all pretty much out until about 9:00am.

So imagine my excitement this morning when two drivers decided to play highway tag right in front of me. Apparently Infiniti FX guy angered Jeep Cherokee guy by cutting him off {whether it was intentional or not I have no idea}, so Jeep Cherokee guy decided to retaliate by swerving into the far left lane (where yours truly was just bopping along and singing backup to Carrie Underwood). Jeep Cherokee guy then swerved back towards Infiniti FX guy, coming inches from hitting him, and forcing Infiniti FX guy to almost hit another car while trying to perform evasive maneuvers.

{Cut to me for just a second. Terrified, and gripping the steering wheel, I try to see Jeep Cherokee guy's license plate, so if he hits me next I'll be able to whisper it to someone from my hospital bed. Yes, I'm paranoid, shut up. Ok, back to the story}

Jeep Cherokee guy now decides to swerve directly in front of Infiniti FX guy, and then proceeds to come to an almost complete stop on the freeway! He then speeds off, oh-so-classily flipping the bird to Infiniti FX guy, who is most likely contemplating how to clean up the puddle that is now underneath his seat.

Did yours truly call 911 and totally rat out Jeep Cherokee guy? You bet your Banana Republic britches I did!

Have you ever witnessed serious road rage? (and I don't mean pounding the steering wheel and muttering words that your Grandma would wash your mouth out with soap for saying - real bonified road rage).

What happened?

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