Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Scary Times.

Please be in prayer for us. Newlywed Husband was forced to resign today. The only choices given were: "Leave" or "Get Fired". He chose the more graceful option.

This economy is very frightening, but we have been expecting this for a while. True colors always come to the forefront during tough times, and his {now ex} company really showed what they were made of.

We have been searching for a little while now for somewhere that will allow him to practice the values and ethics that he believes in the workplace; simple things like treating your employees with respect, and always telling the truth. The company he just exited is in major financial turmoil, partially due to their inability to 1. treat their employees with respect, and 2. tell the truth.

The {somewhat} ironic twist is that this company will most likely lose 85% of their employees at Newlywed Husband's location due to the spirit of loyalty and fairness he cultivated. They will follow him wherever he goes, and we are hoping to be able to tell them where that is very soon.

Sorry about the slightly gloomy tinge to this post, but I feel a little like Charlie Brown today, with the little rain cloud over my head. When is something happy going to happen, and push the raincloud away?

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Lindsey said...

So sorry to hear about this, please know you are in my prayers.