Monday, June 22, 2009

Happy Monday!

Wow, it’s been a long time! Lots of things have been happening lately (re: impeding my ability to blog), so I figured it’s about time to catch ya’ll up on the events here at Adventures in Newlywed!

1. The new bloggy design/updates are still in process, due to the craziness of my life at the present time. If anyone knows of a great web designer who is VERY inexpensive, please let me know :)

2. Newlywed Husband’s sister, her two kids, and her boyfriend have been here for a week, and will be staying with us for another week. She and I have bonded over a shared obsession with Valentino and expensive perfume.

3. I started my new job and discovered that no one will ever be as cool as my last boss. He and I will work together again in the future, ya’ll can bet on that my friends!

4. Newlywed Husband worked an obscene amount of hours Monday – Saturday last week, and is possibly the most tired I have ever seen him. He turned down dinner in favor of going to bed Saturday night… and considering he has the metabolism of Speedy Gonzalez this is a little more than shocking!

5. FFW moved back to Missouri - sad:( , and since then, our three conversations have consisted of livestock updates (her) and biotching about being stressed out and needing to go shopping (me). Gosh, I miss her.

6. Newlywed Husband’s sister and I went out dancing the other night and although we were hit on multiple times, we discovered that apparently no one in Dallas has any game. (“Hello, my name is Ricardo, I am from Spain. Would you like the Spanish experience?” For real, someone said that to me.)

7. The new car has been christened Valentina, and I love her! (Thanks Jen, for the name suggestion, it’s perfect! I love you too, btw).

8. I need a vacation. How do I know this? Because the only music I’ve been listening to in the past 2 weeks is Kenny Chesney and Jimmy Buffett. (Jamaica, anyone?)

9. That dude from Lady Antebellum is hot. Oh, and he sings pretty too. (This isn’t really an update, more of an observation).

10. I miss blogging! So I’m determined to fit it in, no matter how late I have to stay up!

Have a fab Monday and a super week!

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The Shabby Princess said...

Happy Monday!! We've missed you!!

I need a vacation too! Of course, that involved $$ that I don't have, so, I'm planning my own "staycation" (I hate that term) and buying myself fun little pool floaties to float around in and get tan--thus claiming that I spent 5 days on the beach.

It's failproof, I tell ya.

Cee said...

Welcome back! I have missed reading your blog!

I think Valentina is an awesome name for your car, other then missing your old boss, are you enjoying the new job?

jen + ryan said...

yay glad you're back friend!!!! i've missed your updates (and YOU of course).

Children of the Nineties said...

I live in Dallas, and I've definitely never heard that pick up line. Definitely original.

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

I miss you too!!! My life has revolved around livestock a lil more than expected lately too... guess I should get used to that. Glad you're back to bloggyville!

yours truly... said...

HAPPY MONDAY to you sweet girl!! Glad you are so busy but having so much fun!!

And about the Dallas thing....that couldn't be more true!! LOL!! I might just need to move out of this town...

Ashley said...

Ricardo sounds like a keeper. lol! :)

ShoeZQ said...

Yay! I've missed you. Glad your back. Totally agree with #9 BTW. AND if you haven't already be sure to visit my blog and enter my giveaways and tell your friends to enter too!

Lucky in Love said...

I've missed you!!