Monday, June 1, 2009


Any Picasa experts out there?

I've got some (a lot) of pics saved on my work laptop, and have synced all the albums to my Picasa account.

Will I lose the pictures once they are deleted off the work laptop, or will they stay in Picasa?

Thanks :)

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Prissy Southern Prep said...

Sorry, no help from me =(

Children of the Nineties said...

I think they should stay in Picasa, but make sure they're linked online. If you have your online Picasa albums synched to your laptop ones, they should be available to you online from wherever.

Megan said...

You can still access them online but would have to download them all again. I'd save them to a flash drive if I were you. Better safe than sorry.

Koval Family Expansion Plan said...

Here is the real answer. The picasa program on your laptop automatically finds all the pictures on your hard drive. The pictures need to be sent to your web album. If they have not been sent there, then they will vanish with the laptop.