Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Slim-Fast is Not a Meal. And Please Send Good Thoughts Our Way.

I'm typing this as I sit at my desk drinking a can of liquid chalk French Vanilla Slim Fast. As I have ranted before to long-suffering Newlywed Husband, drinking does not constitute a meal (unless it's wine, that has subbed for many a meal in the case of yours truly).

So why am I voluntarily drinking liquid chalk Slim Fast? Because Newlywed Husband dropped me off at work today, so I didn't stop to get anything for breakfast (and I'm not one of those 'skip breakfast kind of girls').

Why did he drop me off at work, you ask? Because Newlywed Husband's father is having some emergency (but fairly minor) surgery this afternoon, so we are both working until about 11:00, then NH will pick me up and we will go straight to the hospital.

Please be thinking about Newlywed Husband's dad this afternoon, and keep our family in your prayers!

If this post made no sense, I truly apologize, it's just that my body doesn't function as well when it is fueled by liquid chalk Slim Fast.

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Lauren From Texas said...

YUCK. Liquid Chalk. I don't mess around with that stuff.

Leetid said...

Hope everything goes ok.

Lucky in Love said...

Lots of prayers your way!!

And have a good lunch to replace your grossness of a breakfast :)

~K~ said...

I will keep your family in my prayers... I literally just posted about my dad being in the hospital too so I know what you guys are going through now.

And for the slim fast, please chuck it in the garbage. It must not be good if it takes like chalk, i mean french vanilla. lol

Cee said...

Hope everything goes ok! I'll be thinking about you guys!

The Shabby Princess said...

Prayers your way!!! Ick, I loathe Slim Fast myself--after drinking it all through high school and parts of college, it grosses me out. Sorry you had an icky breakfast! I'll be thinking of you guys today!

jen + ryan said...

oh my goodness, we'll be praying for his dad... keep me posted!

Prissy Southern Prep said...

Ick!! I've tried slim fast, but it is not my favorite. Bless your heart! You need to make sure and eat a yummy lunch and/or supper!

Your FIL will be in my prayers.

The Pettijohn's said...

Prayers for you and fam!