Tuesday, November 25, 2008

10 Random Things About Me. Why? Cause I'm Bored.

1. I loathe bananas, avocados, and jello. I think it's a textural issue.

2. I would live near the ocean in a lickety-split second. But for now, Texas is fab.

3. I think Sean Connery is, and will always be, the best James Bond ever.

4. I knew I would marry the man who is now my husband after our 2nd official date.

5. I have a lot of shoes. No, seriously - a whole lot.

6. I'm kind of paranoid about a lot of random things, and hate being home alone.

7. I drink several one glass of wine almost every night while I cook dinner.

8. I love decorating for Christmas.

9. I have zero talent when it comes to picking furniture. Thank god my husband has plenty.

10. I love anything with blueberries in it. Muffins, coffee cake, yogurt...

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