Friday, November 7, 2008

The Sad Post.

Izzy/Indy went home last night.

After digging in the muddy backyard all day yesterday, Izzy did a bit of paw-painting (similar to finger painting, but with mud...and she lacks the posable thumb) alllll over our back patio/patio furniture (luckily, the latter was covered). She then decided to take herself for a run, and somehow managed to first dig herself out of our backyard yesterday afternoon, then spent a (I'm sure fun for her) couple of hours barking at cars in the middle of our street. A nice lady driving by stopped and tied our wayward adoptee to our fence with HER dog's leash, leaving a sweet note saying that if we would please call her she would come and pick her leash up later.

My poor husband got home before I did, and spent a good hour blockading every possible gap between fence and ground with rocks (not sure where he got the rocks???), and windexing every surface of the porch.

Izzy had the look of a sullen teenager, no love for mommy when I got home. We soldiered on and put her on her leash, hoping that taking the doggies for a walk would restore the normal peace and joy in our little household...

It did...for about 30 minutes. Until we got home and Izzy VAULTED/CLIMBED the 10 foot tall fence in the yard for another freedom run. After seeing her almost get run over by a car - twice - we had a moment of deep thought. The thought went kind of like this: "Izzy doesn't love us, she has been completely devoid of affection or interest in us for the past 3 days. She is obviously trying to get back to the foster family she lived with for 5 months by escaping through the fence/over the fence/under the fence. The foster family wasn't sure they wanted to give her up anyway....they loved her, and wanted what was best for her."

The conclusion of all this deep thought was clear: Izzy's foster family was where she belonged. They thought they were doing the right thing by giving her up to a family with a bigger yard and another german shorthair. She clearly did not agree, and just wanted to be with the people who so kindly rescued her and bonded with her.

So, we took her back. And Winston is again a bachelor. (I think he's ok with it though, he got two milkbones this morning and it seemed to cheer him up significantly).

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