Tuesday, November 11, 2008

The 36 Hours Without Newlywed Husband.

Newlywed Husband left yesterday morning to go to a business meeting in Georgia. He will be back in Dallas in about 3 hours. I miss him real, real, real bad.(I mean, real bad). Here's how I coped with his absence.

1. Got horrible mexican takeout food from this little local joint by the house. (yes, I did finish the entire order of queso by myself...what's it to ya?)

2. Watched Dancing With the Stars, Will & Grace, and What Not to Wear - chased down by a healthy episode or two of That 70's Show.

3. Fed the dog some most of my chicken chimichanga, which he loved. (I wasn't so crazy about it).

4. Got all of my winter clothes from the bestie's apartment, where they've been languishing since she illegally sublet kindly took over my lease in July.

5. Dumped all of the clothes in the middle of the living room in a giant, tangled heap. The dog was ever-so-slightly peeved that I took over his lounging area. He was placated with a bone.

6. Opened a bottle of champagne. That's a big pile of clothes.

7. Tried on every single piece of clothing (no lie, there had to be about 60 items), and sorted them into, (a). Keep it Pile; (b). Donate it Pile; (c). Throw it Away pile.

8. Attempted to find space for the Keep it Pile in the already stuffed closet. Spilled over into the guestroom closet. (ssshhhh, don't tell Newlywed Husband this)...

9. Collapsed, exhausted on the couch. Realize 3/4 of champagne is gone. Oops. The dog must have been boozing it up.

10. Paranoia sets in, as I am a HUGE fraidy-cat about sleeping in the house alone. Turn on all outside lights, triple-check that all the doors are locked.

11. Barricade self, dog, and newest issue of InStyle in the master bedroom. Wake up every hour thinking someone has broken in the house.

12. Run late for work, due to the fact that I don't usually do all the morning chores (make the bed, feed the dog, etc.) alone. Missing husband (and morning kisses).

13. Talk to newlywed husband on the way to work. Beg him to get an earlier flight. No dice.

14. Newlywed husband will be home in less than 3 hours - HOORAY!

I love you baby.

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