Friday, November 7, 2008

The List about US!

10 things about Newlywed Husband and I...
1. We have been married for almost 2 months - definitely still newlyweds!

2. We look a lot like the couple in our blog header, notable exceptions being that Newlywed
Husband does not have quite such a square jaw, and Newlywed Wife (me) has much longer hair.

3. We both despise avocados and guacamole. Disgusting.

4. I love collecting shoes. He loves collecting guns. We respect each other's collections.

5. Our dog is our baby. Someday we will have a real baby. Or five.

6. He kisses me good morning, good night, hello, and goodbye. ALWAYS.

7. I have expanded my horizons since we got married. As in...learning to ride a dirtbike.

8. We can both eat our weight in chips and salsa. No question.

9. I'm disgustingly obsessed with Christmas, and he is sweet enough to indulge my need to plan tons of decorations, activities, and traditions.

10. We pray before EVERY meal we eat together. And have done so since our 2nd date.

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