Tuesday, November 4, 2008

The Newest Addition...


We decided recently that our sweet boy Winston needed a girlfriend...and after much deliberation and research and 'friendly discussion' (I wanted a chihuahua at first), we settled on getting another german shorthair...after weighing the pros and cons...
GERMAN SHORTHAIRS are notorious for:
  • high energy
  • needing LOTS of exercise
  • being a little clingy
  • not responding to commands when distracted by a scent or sound
GERMAN SHORTHAIRS are famous for:
  • being extremely loving
  • loyalty/protectiveness of 'their' family
  • good with children (as long as they are taught not to jump)
  • very high intelligence
My sweet husband rescued Winston a little over a year ago from the local pet rescue society. He was underweight, had been abused (he still cringes when you get a belt out of the closet), and had heartworm. He is now the most loyal, sweet, loving big guy you could ever ask for:

After a trip to see a doggie for sale at a german shorthair breeder about an hour outside of Dallas, we decided that the right thing to do was to adopt. There are so many doggies out there who need homes, and we thought that if we were meant to have a companion for Winston...she would just fall in our laps.

Indy was rescued by a sweet lady and her husband in Ft. Worth after they found her and another dog abandoned by Lake Grapevine. She was skinny, had hookworm, and was (and still is) terrified of loud noises and new people. They fell in love with her sweet disposition and energetic enthusiasm, but have a small yard and not enough time to exercise her as much as a german shorthair needs...so they put her up for adoption. We brought her home yesterday, and she fell asleep in the car with her head resting on Winston's back...so sweet :)

She has been slowly settling in, she and Winston ate like truck-drivers when we got them home last night and then tried to mooch off the sweet husband and I while we had dinner. Sleeping was a little tougher...she decided barking and not laying in her bed was a good plan - we were not on that bandwagon AT ALL!
This morning though, she ran around the house and played with Winston and her chew toy...she's a very happy doggie :)
Here is our dilemma: Indy does not respond to her name at all. We aren't the biggest fans of her name either. Should we re-name her? If so, what should the new name be? We thought about just changing it a little bit to 'Wendy', but are afraid that if we call Winston by his nickname 'Winnie' (which we often do), then they won't know who is being called.
Some of my ideas have been:
Elizabeth (both english names...to go along with Winston :)
Whitney (just because it starts with a W like Winston, and it's a cute name)
What are your thoughts? Please leave a comment for us with your suggestions!

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Deutlich said...

I kinda like Whitney or Trixie!

Also - welcome to 20SB!