Monday, January 12, 2009

Day Trading.

Newlywed Husband started his fabulous new job this morning at 7:45 sharp! It will be an interesting day for him, I'm sure, as he will be meeting his predecessor (who is just now finding out that Newlywed Husband is his replacement. Oh Drama!

During his month of unemployment, Newlywed Husband took up daytrading, as a way to keep himself busy and contribute to the family income. He swiftly became obsessed an expert, and informed me yesterday that since he will be super-duper busy this week that I will be taking over for him as the family broker. *Cue panic attack now.*

Can I add 1+1? Not without using a calculator or counting fingers (and or toes). Stocks, percentages, market share, DOW, sell short...AAAGGGHHH! None of it makes sense. My strengths are more of the writing, creative, people-skills type.

However, I perservered on. 6 1/2 very nauseous and agonizing minutes after the opening bell this morning, I got in the market, and got out with a $2,803 profit. Not bad for a first timer, eh?

(Note: I don't recommend this for anyone, it makes me so nervous I still think I may throw up. Or the extreme nauseousness is caused by a surprise pregnancy, or perhaps I O.D'd on DayQuil this morning in the attempt to reduce the agonizing symptoms of the flu. One of the three.


Lindsey said...

Good job!!

Megan said...

Surprise pregnancy and Nyquil overdose are a BAD combination!!!