Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Musings on a Quarter of a Century.

Today is the big day! Yep, I'm the big 2-5 today...but strangely it doesn't bother me as much as I thought it would. I've always been the youngest at everything I did, so it's a little bit of an adjustment to look at myself as the 'older one' in any situation.

Let's take a look back at the last 25 years, shall we?

WARNING: This post is extremely long, and for that, I apologize in advance. You are under no obligation to read it, but it was very theraputic to write, for some odd reason. Love ya'll :)

January 6th, 1984
Born the first (and ONLY) child to a couple of nature-loving, conservative, introverted parents. Dad is 6'3", Mommy is 5'8"...Their daughter grows up to be a mall-loving, sort-of-conservative, WAY extroverted 5'3" on-a-good-day. They still have no idea where I came from.

Mommy and Dad are ecstatic when I start talking...then quickly realize that I have no intention of stopping, but instead proceed to babble on non-stop for the next 24 years...

Mommy is diagnosed with breast cancer. She starts aggressive chemo, and undergoes a double mastectomy. I have no idea what's going on, other than I get to spend the night with Grandma and Grandpa a LOT! (I can be bribed with blueberry pancakes, and Grandma knew it...)

Saw my first movie in the theatre - Bambi. Scarred for life, I can't look at a baby deer to this day without breaking out into sobs. (Thumper was awesomeness though).

Mommy's breast cancer is in remission, she focuses on her only child and giving her every educational and social opportunity possible. Homeschooled since pre-school, I had no idea I was supposed to be a socially awkward outcast...and made friends with everyone who would talk to me.

10 years old, Mommy's breast cancer comes back. With aggression. The way Daddy takes care of Mommy inspires me in the future to look for a husband who shared the same kind of commitment and deep-seeded love. She never had to worry if he would be there, (and I don't either...thank you sweet Newlywed Husband!)

The breast cancer moves to Mommy's bone marrow, and my Dad becomes a single parent. I didn't cry for almost 8 years.

1996 - Spring
First plane flight ever - to Washington DC to visit family and see all the historic sights. Also my first time playing Nintendo...no video games allowed in our house!

Joined a private swim team, and found a formerly unrecognized love for sports. I lack any type of hand-eye coordination, so a sport that doesn't require it is fabulous! Went to Dallas for the summer, and made some of the best friends I still have today.

Start first job as a tae-bo/aerobics/yoga instructor at a local gym. A job where you get to tell grown-ups what to do (at age 15), is a dream come true...kinda got burnt out on spandex though.

Get driver's license (Confession: I had to take the test twice, I couldn't pass the parallel parking, and telling the instructor that everywhere has valet anyway really didn't win me any points with her). Daddy begins to get gray hair. Also decided high school was for wimps, and started taking college classes. Definately the youngest person there, and my dad definately had to drop me off my first day. Embarassing.

Moved to Dallas, fell in LOVE for the first time. (With the city, not a human). Took a trip to Europe, fell in love with traveling (not so much with trans-continental flights). Went to community college for 6 months, then got a scholarship at a school back in Missouri.

Met my best friend the first week we moved into the dorms. She was pretty much the only positive thing I got from college, aside from the diploma, of course. Had my first kiss, it was pretty awful, in retrospect. Was nicknamed the "One-Date-Wonder" (you figure it out). Battled an eating disorder, tried to live up to everyone's over-achiever, child prodigy expectations of me, and was overall miserable.

Moved back to Texas, was finally happy for the first time in 2 years. Went to grad school, made friends, gained enough weight to put me back in the triple digits. Took up running, hated it, stopped running. (Haven't tried it again since).

Graduated with a master's degree less than a month before my 21st birthday. Got my first "real" boyfriend, promptly dumped him, and landed my first job.

Turned 21, drank less than anyone else at my birthday party (first time I had ever tasted alcohol, and I thought it was absolutely vile). Loved my job, went to Canada for my first business trip (in February, while I had pneumonia), got a new boss...hated my job. Upheld my reputation as the "One-Date-Wonder. Went to Disneyland for the 1st time, then started working in the retail side of the business I am in now, and FELL IN LOVE WITH IT!

Got bored with working 12 hour days, so I took an 11 day trip to Brazil. Landed a job at a Big 4 accounting firm. Went to England my 2nd week on the job to review tax returns - WHAT??? I don't even do my own taxes! Learned quickly that corporate life is difficult...wearing pantyhose and sitting in a cubicle is not my style. Dated a complete loser. Why? I have no idea.

Decided to go back into the business that I fell in love with initially. Family is wondering when I am going to settle down. Love my roommate, hate, loathe, and despise her devil-cat. Stewie...if you're out there, I'm still hunting you down for chewing on my favorite shoe. Damn feline.

2nd week on the job, my new boss (who is more of a fun older brother type) introduces me to one of our clients (who happens to be an old colleague and friend of his). I learn what it feels like to be hit by a bus. Apparently he does too, because he asks me out on the same day. We meet in February, get engaged in July, and married in September. (No, I am not pregnant). Husband gets laid off, is happier and more relaxed than he has been in months as he calmly searches for a new job. I start to blog, now that I have a happy life to chronicle.

I turn a quarter of a century, husband (cross your fingers) gets a fabulous new job and...WHO KNOWS!

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