Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Slipping Into Work...A Little Late :)

Hi friends! I'm running a bit late today - due to the massively crazy ice storm we had in Dallas this morning! It started spitting freezing rain yesterday about 5:00pm, and by 6:30 the roads were pretty slippery (Newlywed Hubby decided it was a good night to have a business dinner until 8:00...I questioned his judgement on that decision for sure :)

We woke up this morning to sheets of ice where the roads should be - and everything else, for that matter! Poor Winston almost wiped out on the patio trying to go into the yard to do his morning potty break!

Here's the view from our front porch of the intersection in front of our house - note the giant icy spot in the lower left hand side of the picture.

Another view from our front porch. (Side note: our landscapers are faboulous, see the cute little trees they put lining the walkway for the holiday season? Love them!)

A close-up of a bush next to the house. Completely ice-coated, poor little thing!
Needless to say, after watching Newlywed Husband slide backward about 5 feet on the driveway before bailing out by putting 2 tires on the lawn...I wasn't going anywhere this morning! I made some calls, and checked my e-mail and voicemails from the kitchen. Winston was happy to have some company, and to be in the warm house instead of out in the cold dampness this morning!!!
Just got the the office, I'd better get to work!

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jen + ryan said...

oh my goodness- i totally forgot about the super steep driveway y'all have!!! i bet that was scary!!

scout was super funny trying to potty too... oh dogs.