Thursday, January 8, 2009

A Rant About Life Insurance.

Newlywed Husband informed me today that we are going to get life insurance policies tomorrow. He's pretty much the most OCD person I've ever met, I think he's had a life insurance policy for himself since he was 18.

Now on one hand I think it's very sweet that he is worried about something happening to one of us and the other one having to stress about money (especially once we have kiddos).

All thoughts of how sweet he is faded from my brain the instant he said the words: Blood Test. Please allow me to explain that I have an intense phobia of needles - so much that I was 23 years old before I subjected myself to getting my ears pierced. (Yes, that's less than 2 years ago, and I'm a total wuss. Shut up.)

He also explained (So helpful, yes?), that we are not allowed to eat or drink tonight until after the blood test tomorrow morning. (Did I mention that they will be at our house tomorrow morning at 7:30 am? On my day off? NOT ok. )

We argued back and forth about being able to drink water, until I finally blew up on the phone and cited no less than 17 online articles that said "Drinking plain water before a fasting blood test will not affect your results, as your body is already comprised on 75% water and water has no effect on glucose, heart rate, etc"...

Newlywed Husband finally gave in, called the Insurance agent back, and reluctantly ceded that we are in fact, allowed to drink water - because (and I quote him directly) "The insurance agent is afraid of you, I think, so he said to go ahead".

He then graciously informed me than when he called to check about the water consumption issue, the agent reminded him that we cannot drink ANY alcohol from this point (3pm) forward. Newlywed Husband also thanked me (while snickering), for having him call about the water because he was certain that I would have wanted to know about the alcohol rule. (It should be pointed out that he is going to a basketball game with a buddy tonight, and my plan was to stay home, drink wine, watch Grey's, and clean. Damn.)

I love him. But he kind of sucks right now.

End Rant.

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