Monday, January 19, 2009

Terry Bradshaw Sighting!

I'm at Mi Cocina in Southlake, TX today waiting for my Rico Salad with Chicken (heaven on a plate if consumed with a glass of chardonnay...sadly I had to go back to work so I had to settle for a diet coke instead - still dang good). I look over to a booth in the corner and see this guy sitting there with a well-preserved blonde woman and some random dude:

Terry Bradshaw!

If you watch sports (I really don't), then you'll know him as one of the NFL commentators and a former quarterback. If you watch chick flicks (I definitely do), then you'll know him as the funny dad from "Failure to Launch" (remember, he's the guy who turns his sons room into the 'naked room'...)

If it wasn't him, then it was his twin...pinky swear!

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