Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Martini Math

I hated math. Fractions, percents, and decimals were confusing, algebra made me cry, and trigonometry...Wait, who am I kidding, I never made it to trig :)
My husband finds my inability to figure out 5x5 in my head to be amusing, of course HE is able to do complicated equations in his head AND leap buildings in a single bound...but he's a man.

We all have our gifts. I'd like to see him create an entire outfit based solely on a pair of earrings in under 30 seconds. Or figure out what chiffon is. Or, make this delicious drink, which I devised out of boredom while waiting for him to come home last night :)

The I-Don't-Need-Math-To-Be-Fabulous-Martini

You need 1 part Cranberry juice (about 1/3 cup)

1 part Orangeade (I used diet, but you can use the fully leaded, if you prefer)

And 1 part Pineapple-Coconut Liqueur (DeKuyper is cheap and yummy)

Throw all three parts (1+1+1=3, there's the math part of this drink) into a martini shaker with some ice and shake what your mama gave you! (just kidding, I don't think I have the street cred to say something like that)

Strain into a martini glass, and enjoy :) Cherry optional...


Lindsey said...


Future Farm Wife said...

yum! Can't wait to try that soon.

Running In Stilettos said...

This will be on drink list this weekend! I love trying new martinis (or any new drink for that matter!)