Monday, January 19, 2009

Real Housewives of Orange County.

Yep, I'm pretty much killing brain cells every time I watch this show. Do I care? Nope. I can only watch it when Newlywed Husband is not home (not difficult not that he is working 14 hour days), because he complains about the snarkiness/bitchiness. Does that bother me? Not as long as we have TiVo.

Please excuse the fact that I am almost a week behind the actual airing of the episodes, but I usually don't get around to watching the new episode until I've cleared the stuff ahead of it in my DVR schedule :)
Here's my take on the Housewives:

Love love love her sense of style. This girl is not afraid of animal prints, cleavage, or super-tall heels. She and her husband seem to have a good relationship, (and by good I mean not teetering on the brink of divorce/going through divorce like several of the other couple's on the show). Her son though? Little brat. Just sayin. And trying to get Gretchen drunk and hooked up with her 22-year-old son? Biotch please. Let's try to play nice.
I liked her more in the first season, she's become very needy and insecure of late. What happened to the great mom, and emotionally strong woman? She needs to snap out of this, get a better hairstyle, and start going on some dates to get her confidence up. And for heaven's sakes Jeana, stop hanging out with that whiny little decorator Frankie! He is not helping you at all. And stop acting like a fifth-grader around Vicki's husband, Don. He is NOT available.
Not my favorite housewife in any of the seasons, she's still not high on my list. I'll admit, she seems to be a good mom, but she's so high strung that her kids can't stand to be around her. In the brief 4 1/2 minutes that my husband has actually watched RH of OC, he remarked "that screechy woman's husband is cheating on her", and I think he's right. They have zero physical chemistry, she has no respect for him, and his body language is so stand-offish. I wouldn't be surprised if he was having an affair with Jeana.
I'm totally going to catch heat over this, but I really like Gretchen. Yes, she may be a gold-digger, and a good actress but...I think she genuinely cares about her fiancee, Jeff. (Who, incidentally, passed away in September of 2008, just after the season wrapped). I'm a firm believer that you say what you truly feel in your heart when you are drunk - even though your actions may not follow. Case in point: this past week's episode when Tamara got Gretchen completely sloshed and encouraged (albeit subtly) her to hook up with her 22 year old son. EW, Tamara, EW! Gretchen says, "I can't hug you or make out with you, you're a nice boy, but I'm engaged to a wonderful man". I sincerely hope that tomorrow's episode begins with absolving Gretchen of anything she might have been tempted to do that night at Tamara's. (P.S. that red dress she was wearing in the last episode? Love it.)
The newest housewife, and I don't have much to say about her. She seems insecure, encourages her daughters to consume alcohol when they are waaaaay underage, and has got serious body image issues. She and her husband seem to really be in love, though, which is sweet to see.
Always, and forever will be my favorite housewife. Laurie has been steadfast about her kids being her #1 priority, and is now happily married to a guy that seems to truly love and appreciate her. I am sad she left the show, but she really needs to get her son straightened out. Hopefully she'll be back soon, I miss seeing her try to get the other housewives to be a bit more rational. And she's got the greatest skin. Seriously, I'm going to try Botox someday because of her.

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