Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Anniversary Celebration Ideas!

My dear and oh-so-cute friend Jen asked for some restaurant ideas for her upcoming wedding anniversary...here are my recommendations, but we want to hear from you too! What romantic restaurant in the Dallas area would you like to go to (or have you gone to) on your first anniversary?

Javier's - it's no secret that I love Javier's - we had our wedding reception here in October, 2008 :) Awww love! Their chips are so thin and never greasy, and they are served with a red salsa, a super-thin green salsa, and this bowl of white stuff that I think is butter, but am afraid to ask...because even if it was I'd still eat it!

Sambuca - live jazz music + great food + dimly lit/lushly decorated interior = ROMANCE!
I'd recommend the sea bass with the sauteed apples and bok choy...it's yum-tastic! (Is yum-tastic a word? Whatever. I don't care anyway.)

Terilli's - a close friend of mine had his rehearsal dinner here and it was so fun! They also have live music and great Italian food (the food of love, I think). How fun would it be to sit in a dimly lit booth and recreate the spaghetti noodle scene from the Lady and the Tramp???

Stephen Pyles - this is a little more high-paced scene than Terelli's or Sambuca, but the food is great, and the atmosphere is super-energetic!

The Grape - ahhh yes - over 35 years of Dallas tradition. Love love love the chalkboard menu, and they have some awesome wines to choose from (duh, it's called the Grape for a reason). Plus, nothing says romance like a white and red checkered tablecloth.

Nick and Sam's - Lively atmosphere, and their mac and cheese is out-of-this-world awesome! Get there early and have drinks in the bar, their bartender makes a mean dirty martini :)

The Palm - I've saved the best for last...when Newlywed Husband and I want a romantic dinner, this is our hands-down favorite place to go. It's been around forever, and the service is absolutely impeccable. The caricatures on the walls are hysterical, and the food is so great! The creamed spinach will change your life - I promise!
What great restaurants are your favorites? Tell us, tell us please!!!


Rob and Amy said...

Jasper's- Jasper's Jasper's at the Shop at Legacy. I can't WAIT to go back there for our 1st Anniversary!!! Our Rehearsal dinner was held there, and it was FANTASTIC. I love me some Jasper's! Awesome romantic atmosphere, and the weather is becoming gorgeous to take a walk around the Shops at Legacy afterwards!!!!!

Lindsey said...

I've never been to Dallas but my hubs and I pretty much want to move there so I will keep this post so when we do come down there we'll go to these restaurants!

Mojito Maven said...

Craft at the W hotel (LOVE this restaurant)
La Duni
Wolf Gang Puck Five Sixty
III Forks
Stephan Pyles
Melting Pot
kent Rathbun's Blue Plate Kicthen (just opened)
Neighborhood Services
Dali Wine Bar
Screen Door (we just went here a few weeks ago and it was so good)

...I could go on and on...clearly we love to eat and go out to dinner often..

Lucky in Love said...

Never been to Dallas...but I LOVE that you had your wedding reception at a Mexican restaurant...we're meant to be friends :)

jen + ryan said...

thanks love!!! those are all GREAT options! can't wait to hear all the others' suggestions!

SassyEngineer said...

My hubby and I don't really frequent "fancy" restaurants. However, I do enjoy Sambucca, but I love going to some place that is special to us. One of our favorites is the original Campisi's on mockingbird. We also love all steakhouses.

Lindsey said...

YES I hope I do move there soon and we would def be IRL friends!!!=)