Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Calling All Dancing With the Stars Fans!

Who was your favorite last night???

My top three were...

Shawn Johnson...so cute, and she is going to ROCK in the athletic/flexibility department. I can't wait for the week when they allow lifts!

Chuck Wicks...he and Julianne are so cute they kind of make me want to be sick. But I love them anyway! Plus you know they're going to do a duet at some point in the season...
Melissa...I didn't personally watch the Bachelor (it's kind of a policy of mine, they've all been jerks, so why start watching now???), but I really like Melissa! She's really pretty and seems like a really great dancer so I'm interested to see how she does over the season. {p.s. if she and her cutie-pie partner don't start dancing by the time the season is over, I'll be surprised}

HONORABLE MENTION...goes to Holly Madison! She wasn't the best dancer out there, but she rocked the miniature costume they poured her into, and she could have done worse, I think. Hopefully she'll start dating that way cute partner of hers from the show, and dump that greasy-haired social reject of a boyfriend *cough* Criss Angel *cough*.

Worst of the night goes to...Denise Richards, no question there. She was stiff and cried more than I do. That's saying something, believe me. I've gotta give it to Maks though, he's a really really really great dancer. (With a really great behind :)


Mrs. D said...

We have the same top 3 favs! I can't wait to see how they all progress through the season!

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

I dunno the apple guy was pretty much a stump on the floor. I know Ty didn't do very good, but I definitely wanna see more of him!!!