Monday, March 9, 2009

The Good and The Bad.

The Bad:Burn Notice is over for the season. Finished. Until JUNE! I'm already missing you, fabulousness that is Michael Weston.

The Good:Dancing With the Stars is BACK! ( I can't believe that I'm publicly admitting it, but I love love love this show :)

The Bad:We have to watch Steve Wozniack, co-founder of Apple and former loser-boyfriend to D-lister Kathy Griffin haul his way around the dance floor. (That wasn't very nice, but kittens, sometimes niceness is overrated.)

The Good:Julianne Hough decided to come back (yay) and will be partnered with her hottie-country-singer of a boyfriend Chuck Wicks (double yay!)...

The Bad:Jewel injured her knee and won't be competing.

The Good:Holly Madison will be taking her place - love love love her! (The only thing better would be Bridget :)

Ladies, set your TiVo's!


Mrs. D said...

I love DWTS as well, but I always seem to forget when it comes on! I'll have to put forth some extra effort this season! I love Julieanne!

Lucky in Love said...

Yeah for Julianne being back!! I love her!

The Shabby Princess said...

I know.... I miss Burn Notice. Waaahhh!!! I'm so glad they brought the season back in January though, rather than waiting until summer like they've done before. I love that show! It really makes me want to be a spy.