Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Any Other Gilmore Girls Fans?

Gilmore Girls was one of my favorite shows through college...Future Farm Wife and I polished off several seasons in one snowy weekend if I remember correctly :)

I digress.

Alexis Bledel (aka Rory Gilmore) is scheduled to guest star on the series finale of ER, airing April 2nd.

I have to admit, I watched Gilmore Girls more for the witty repartee and that hottie boyfriend that Rory had (the blonde rich one, not the skinny dark haired one), so I'll probably not be tuning in for the ER episode.

Oh but wait. George Clooney is scheduled to appear on the final episode too.

Excuse me while I go set my DVR.


Muffy said...

OH! How lovely! I will have to check this out!

Elaine said...

I do love the GG. And I wish I could live in Stars Hollow. Seriously.

Amanda (Two Boos Who Eat) said...

LOL I'll have to check it out too.

Man I miss Gilmore Girls. I loved the first few seasons.

Lucky in Love said...

I heard about George!! I'm a huge Noah Wyle fan...so I have been watching for about two weeks now :)

Texan Couture said...

I left you something on my blog :)

Lovin a Farm Boy said...

I do love Gilmore Girls! I believe I'll go home tonight and pull out a season, or maybe all 7!

The Pink Tutu said...

I absolutely love Gilmore Girls!! It was my favorite.