Thursday, March 19, 2009

Road Rage.

My daily commute requires me to travel on not one but (hold on let me count, Central to 30 through downtown to 35 to 183 to 121...), ok got it, five freeways. My total drive time getting to work ranges anywhere from forty minutes to an hour and a half. Yuck!

Let me just clarify this right off the bat - I hate loathe and despise driving more than almost any other activity on the planet. When I become independently wealthy (someday, over the rainbow...) the absolute first thing I will do is hire a driver. Or maybe just buy a helicopter. Anyway.

I also happen to be a very low-key person in the morning, preferring to keep interaction and activity to a minimum until I've consumed enough caffeine to be considered a real person. Drama, action, and excessive talking are all pretty much out until about 9:00am.

So imagine my excitement this morning when two drivers decided to play highway tag right in front of me. Apparently Infiniti FX guy angered Jeep Cherokee guy by cutting him off {whether it was intentional or not I have no idea}, so Jeep Cherokee guy decided to retaliate by swerving into the far left lane (where yours truly was just bopping along and singing backup to Carrie Underwood). Jeep Cherokee guy then swerved back towards Infiniti FX guy, coming inches from hitting him, and forcing Infiniti FX guy to almost hit another car while trying to perform evasive maneuvers.

{Cut to me for just a second. Terrified, and gripping the steering wheel, I try to see Jeep Cherokee guy's license plate, so if he hits me next I'll be able to whisper it to someone from my hospital bed. Yes, I'm paranoid, shut up. Ok, back to the story}

Jeep Cherokee guy now decides to swerve directly in front of Infiniti FX guy, and then proceeds to come to an almost complete stop on the freeway! He then speeds off, oh-so-classily flipping the bird to Infiniti FX guy, who is most likely contemplating how to clean up the puddle that is now underneath his seat.

Did yours truly call 911 and totally rat out Jeep Cherokee guy? You bet your Banana Republic britches I did!

Have you ever witnessed serious road rage? (and I don't mean pounding the steering wheel and muttering words that your Grandma would wash your mouth out with soap for saying - real bonified road rage).

What happened?

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Lindsey said...

Yikes! That is scary!

Lucky in Love said...

Whoa! I can't remember ever seeing anything that dramatic...but the other day a mini van...yea...cut me off on my way to work. I was irritated...but I'm not one to act on those I just kept on my merry way. I'm a total fan of cruise control and use it all the I'm just cruising along and end up passing the mini van...well for some reason it comes over to the right lane and cuts me off again! I honked this time (which I never do) because it was really close and almost hit me. Then of course it slowed down...I had to pass...and it followed me almost all the way to work...flashing brights!!

I was just nervous he/she was going to get off at the same exit...but they didn't. Yikes!

Cee said...

I actually had someone road rage on college was in a small town and there was one place where the road merged and you couldn't see very well. I was at the stop sign about to merge and saw a car coming very fast but I still thought I had time so I went. I'm sure I probably shouldn't have but it wasn't that big of a deal. The other car got right on my tail and followed me to the campus parking lot and parked right next to me. These three hillbilly-ish people got out and started screaming about me cutting them off and that I was going to get arrested and hung. It was so scary...I didn't know what to do and I started to cry...luckily a lady that worked in the cafeteria was going to her car and she cam over and defended me and basically got them to leave.

It was one of the worst experiences ever! I sent the lady who helped me a card b/c I seriously don't know what I would have done without her!

Pretty in Pink said...

yes! this has actually happened to me before. some crazy woman pinned me in on a highway for over 30 minutes ... i decided to call the police and give them her license number.

what did 911 tell you they were doing? did they send an officer out? i never knew what happened to the crazy lady in my incident because i ended up getting off at an exit ...