Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Bloggy Love!

I got my first ever blog award today from the adorable Texan Couture!

The instructions are to list 10 not-so-cute things about yourself...this shouldn't be hard to do :)

1. I'm not cute before my first diet coke of the day.

2. I'm not cute if I don't wash my makeup off before going to bed. HELLO raccoon eyes!

3. Newlywed Husband thinks I'm not cute when insist on watching Real Housewives of NYC instead of letting him watch the Speed Channel 24/7.

4. I'm not cute when someone talks down to me, or treats me like I'm stupid.

5. I'm definitely not cute when I work out. Red face and frizzy's all not good.

6. I'm not cute when I realize that the DVR somehow didn't record Burn Notice.

7. I'm not cute when I try to make Newlyed Husband eat vegetables. (According to him :)

8. I'm not cute after 3 days of beach camp. No one is. Hooray for being a counselor at camp this year though!

9. I'm not cute when I don't style my hair. Poodle-rific, maybe, but definitely not cute.

10. I'm not cute when Newlywed Husband throws out 1/2 a bottle of wine without checking to see if it is still good. Ahem.

I give this award to...

Foxy Flores Fam

Future Farm Wife

A Sassy Engineer


Lucky in Love said...

What a fun list! Congrats on your award :)

SassyEngineer said...

Thanks for the award! You are too sweet :) Number 3 sounds just like us! (Although, I have to admit that sometimes I like watching the speed channel more than him!)

Sweet Carolina Bride said...

I just stumbled across your blog! I love it. I'm a newlywed, too... I can totally identify with #3 and #7!