Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Swimsuit Search 2009...So It Begins!

I start looking for the perfect bathing suit(s) ridiculously early - no really, I tried on a suit at Old Navy the last week of January. There's just something about a pretty, brightly colored swimsuit that makes the winter seem not-quite-so-long. {Not like it's that long anyway, it was 80 degrees in Dallas last week...but I digress}.

Here are some of the suits that caught my eye this week...

Ralph Lauren - loving the little skirt on the bottoms!

Tommy Bahama - the bow, of course, pushes this over the edge of cuteness.

Old Navy - Newlywed Husband would totally call me Daisy Mae if I wore gingham. Guess what? I don't care. They're cute.

Old Navy -Hmmm...does this swimsuit remind you of a certain designer...one whose name starts with 'M' and ends with 'issoni'?

J Crew - Ruffles make an appearance, yet again. Newlywed Husband is staunchly against me wearing a one piece, but fashion may take precedence in this particular case.

Trina Turk - Hello color! Loving the neckline on this swimsuit as well, although it's quite possibly conducive to some strange tan lines :)

Where is your favorite place to swimsuit shop? Are you a one-piece or two-piece kind of girl?


Lucky in Love said...

I heart the two pieces...and I like Target! :) I like that you can buy separates...I totally different sizes on my top and bottom!

Angela Darling said...

oooo...ahhhh... it's 19 degrees here right now, so I'm appreciating the summer thoughts. I'm usually a 2 piece kinda girl, but I'm also on a search for a sexy one piece. I just want the right one.

SassyEngineer said...

I love the Ralph Lauren - the skirt type bottom is adorable! I also think the Tommy Bahama bikini is pretty classy (and way less intimidating to this one-piece girl). I'm not big into bikins (nor do I think I currently have the body for) and I love the one-piece suits at J. Crew!!! I think if we were alone my hubby would like a bikini, but he loves my modesty when we are around others. I don't like other guys looking at me, and I don't think he does either! If I had an awesome body though, I might like to try a bikini again. We'll see. Honestly , I don't have too many opportunities to wear a swimsuit :)

The Ratcliffs said...

I LOOOOVE that Tommy Bahama suit! the bow makes it so cute!

Muffy said...

OH I love the Trina Turk one! SO HAPPY!

The Shabby Princess said...

I loathe bathing suit shopping in general--loved in when I was a size 00 college freshman though! Ohh how things have changed. I'm an Everything But Water girl because they have a huge selection and are great for mix and match. I'm a two piece gal, but, I like to keep the booty covered in the boy short bottoms.