Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Grocery List.

Here's what my grocery cart looks like if I don't make a list before going to the store...
~6 bottles of wine (duh, you get a discount if you buy 6...saving us money!)
~Assorted cheese
~Ground beef (because I hate cooking chicken, cleaning the white gristly stuff makes me gag)
~Frozen corn/broccoli/creamed spinach
~Pre-chopped lettuce (because frankly, I'm too lazy to chop and wash lettuce)
~Rawhide bones so Winston doesn't beg while I'm cooking dinner. (he does anyway)

Today I'm feeling extra inspired bored at work so I've actually made a list - I think. We will probably eat out tomorrow night, and will definitely be eating out Saturday and Sunday for Newlywed Husband's birthday surprises, so I don't want to buy too much.

~doggie food (Winston is a 75 lb dog, he goes through the 20lb bag of food in 2 weeks flat)
~milk bones (also for Winston the hungry doggie)
~shrimp (for Kath's Shrimp Scampi recipe)
~whole wheat spaghetti noodles
~frozen parsley
~minced garlic
~white wine
~chocolate chip clif bars (for Newlywed Husband, I think they taste like cardboard)
~diet coke (sweet, sweet nectar of life)
~lemons (for water, gag)
~green apples (for apple, havarti, and ham sandwiches tomorrow night)
~havarti cheese

What are your go-to grocery staples?


Anonymous said...

Definitely string cheese, yogurt, and salad mixes

Lucky in Love said...

I feel the exact same way about cooking chicken. I hate working it with it! Beef is much better...

I always buy cereal (that's all both of us will eat for breakfast!), yogurt, fruit, and lettuce. Those are mostly for my lunches at work...then the meals I plan for the week so I just buy the rest of the ingredients that I need!

The Shabby Princess said...

Whole wheat pasta of any variety, Diet Coke (amen, sister), spinach, Nurti Grain frozen waffles, soup and canned beans. You can never have too many black beans!