Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Snoring at the Office? A Faux Pas?

Most of the employees at my company are housed in a building on the other side of our parking lot. My office is in a building with 2 other people (both are out of the office today), and a bunch of conference/training rooms. (Obviously none of them are being used because it is spring break week here and all of the managers are off.

A guy from the other building is now fast asleep on one of the couches in our break area (typically an area reserved for people using one of the conference rooms).

And he is snoring very loudly.

And...he just got yelled at.

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Lucky in Love said...

That's hilarious!

Now I understand how you are able to blog so much!

Lindsey said...

YIKES! How do you fall asleep on your job? I would never!

Mrs. D said...

HAHA!! I can't believe he would take a nap at work.