Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Guest Blogger - Winston the Dog.

Hi friends - Winston the doggie here! Newlywed Wife {my mom} is cooking dinner, so I thought I'd stand in for her with a thrilling tale of my adventures in chasing squirrels!

This is me. I'm handsome, yes? (If you happen to know any single shi tzus, or lonely labradors...I'm available you know...)

Pacing the porch, as I wait for those mischevious squirrels to come out of hiding.

HA! There they are! I see you squirrel, come down here and fight like the rodent you are!

I know you're up there - dangit! If only I had poseable thumbs. And maybe some feet instead of paws. Or just a ladder. Wait a minute...is that mom's hand shaking the tree to make it seem like there are squirrels? {Make sure you take the picture from my good side}

Nap time.

Ta ta for now, I've got to rest up so I've got plenty of energy to put on my best "I'm such sad and pathetic doggie so please feed me off your plate" face for dinner.

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Muffy said...


Muffy said...

He is TOO CUTE!!!!

Cee said...

Winston is too cute! Is he a lab?

The Shabby Princess said...

Ha!! My dog chases squirrels too!

jen + ryan said...

awwww he's so cute.... i've got a little weiner dog that could be his friend :)

Lucky in Love said...

Look at him! So cute! :)