Friday, May 22, 2009

And The Prize Goes To....

ME! For predicting that the remodeling would not, in fact, be finished on schedule. (In case you're just joining us, Newlywed Husband decided that we should get all of our bathrooms remodeled...not my idea).

Ladies and gentlemen, we're currently a week behind (we were supposed to be finished yesterday), and it's looking like we're probably going to finish up in June.

  • The guest bed is too small for two people, so I haven't slept in the same bed as my husband for almost a month.
  • Our entire house is coated in a thin, white film of dust.
  • My clothes are in 18 different places in the house, and doing laundry is pointless, because I have nowhere to put it.
  • Newlywed Husband's sister AND her two kids will be here right after the remodeling is finished, and are staying for TWO WEEKS.

I'm moving back into an apartment, this is crap.

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Lucky in Love said...

Wow! Visitors for two weeks! Yikes!

I hope everything comes together soon for you guys. All those remodels always looks so great when they are done...but look like such a pain during the process. It does not make me want to do it.

~K~ said...

Oh no! Looks like you need a glass of wine, or many.

My name is Megan... said...

oh my goodness!! that sounds hectic!!!! I must see after pics..I'm sure it will look great!

thelilwuvskimo said...

*thumbs up* move into the apartment! haha. wow just hang in there, it will all get done.. and two weeks.. yikes.. i dont know how i'd handle that! i'm new to your blog, so i'm just catching up!