Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Michelle O - In or Out?

The lovely Mrs. Obama* in Isaac Mizrahi.

I love the bow, love the color, love the shoes.

It needs to be tailored a bit more, it's kind of sagging around her chest, and the sleeves are all wrong.

Otherwise I'm totally in.

What do you think?

* the 'lovely Mrs. Obama' is in reference to her physical appearance, clothing selection, gracious demeanor, etc. No political opinions on this blog, please.

Besides, I'm from Texas, you already know who I voted for. Duh.

{images from here}

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Cee said...

I think she has a great sense of style...I have been thinking about blogging about it as well. She seems to know how to blend classic preppy with things that are more unique, which I really like.

~K~ said...

I think she looks good.