Monday, May 11, 2009

Mark Cuban, You Disappoint Me.

Phone conversation held about 30 minutes ago between myself and Newlywed Husband.

NH: "Hey honey - guess who is going to the Mavericks playoff game tonight!!! Third row seats too!!!".

ME: "OMG! So excited, how did you get the tickets! I can't wait, this will be totally awesome! What should I wear? Do you think Dirk's stalker/fiance/babymomma will be there?"

NH: {somewhat nervously} "Well...It's actually just me that's going. My buddy Bob *name obv. changed to protect privacy* just has two tickets."

ME: "Oh. Why doesn't his wife want to go? Is she in the hospital? That's the only reason I wouldn't go if I was lucky enough to get a 2nd ROUND 3rd ROW MAVS PLAYOFF GAME TICKET."

NH: "I don't think she wanted to go, it's just going to be me and Bob*. And the Mavericks dancers, of course."

ME: "Enjoy sleeping on the couch. You'll be there a while."

UPDATE: The tickets weren't even for this game...they got to the game and were told that their tickets were for the NEXT game (if the mavs win tomorrow in Denver)... can't say I didn't laugh :)

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jen + ryan said...

oooooooh DISS.

Angela Darling said...

Oh snap! Boys, boys, why must you say the dumbest things?!

The Shabby Princess said...

HAHAHA, silly boys.