Friday, May 29, 2009

Friday FAIL.

I just went to 7-11 to grab a Diet Coke (sweet nectar of life), and decided on my way to the checkout counter to grab a roll of Mentos (recent obsession).

If you don't know why this is a giant FAIL, watch the following video:

Thankfully, I remembered just in time.

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Ashley said...

Oh my word! I did not know this! Hilarious. I just might have to experiment. :) Glad you remembered in time.

Lis said...

Omg!! How did I not know about this!!!

I'm so glad you remembered and totally saved your make-up and outfit!! :)

Muffy said...

OMG! I've never seen this! HAHA!!!

Lauren From Texas said...

hahahahahaha!! glad you caught it in time!

Jules said...

Wow, the 2nd one is really bad. Thank goodness you remembered.