Thursday, May 28, 2009

Current Time...


T-minus 2 hours and 41 minutes until I get to go home and start putting all of my clothes back into my closet (I just have to find them in the 18 different places they've been languishing during this nightmare bathroom remodeling business).


Update: Just got home and only 1/2 of what was supposed to be done today was actually completed on the BFH {bathrooms from hell}. Forget original plan of working out followed by exciting move back into closets/normalcy. New plan: watch Real Housewives re-runs and drink wine.

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Lauren From Texas said...

yay for you!

yours truly... said...

19 posts since I've been MIA!??! You have been busy lady!! Even still I love catching up on your yummy menus, dreamy outfits, hungover posts, remodeling woes, marriage advice, hot men photos, CONGRATS on job posts, and your overly exciting surprise post that has me itching for more!! You can't leave me hanging!!

Missed you lady!!

The Shabby Princess said...

That's a perfect plan.