Friday, May 8, 2009

Happy Friday {and I'm Back!}

Happy Friday! I took yesterday off work and blogging to spend some time with a close girlfriend who is in town this week.
We had a fabulous day full of lunching {who knew I could eat 3/4 of a basket of chips at Chili's?}, window shopping {um, Plano housewives were out in full force yesterday...} seeing a great movie {Fast & Furious...which should be called 'Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are the Hottest Men on the Planet' - except Newlywed Husband, of course.}, and ended the afternoon watching 'Dirty Dancing' {Good movie, but I'm constantly distracted by the thought of Jennifer Grey's nose then and now.}

What do you like to do on a 'girlfriends day' ?

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jen + ryan said...

i'm so jealous of your day with mack-attack. sounds like a blast!!

Jules said...

That sounds like a great girlfriends day to me! I am about the same as you. Lunch, shopping and a movie is perfection! I think I used to watch Dirty Dancing at least 3 times a week when I was little.

~K~ said...

Open a bottle of wine and watch romantic comedies while we are in our pj's. :)

Jordan said...

Yeah, add in some mimosas, wine or blood marys (depending on the mood), and that sounds like a PERFECT girlfriends day! Oh, and my sister just moved from Plano...I too have seen those housewives out in full force! :)

Leetid said...

Paul Walker and Vin Diesel are the only reason I watch Fast and Furious!!!!!