Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Guest Bedroom Makeover!

I'm so terribly sorry for my tardiness in posting today my dears, but I was detained for quite some time this morning at court for a speeding ticket (more on that later :).

Enough unpleasantness for now, behold the fabulous guest bedroom makeover! It started as the "bike room"...where Newlywed Husband kept his frequently-used and much-beloved bikes...and of course my treasured loathed! bike as well!

Here are the lone inhabitants of the room pre-makeover:

My bike. Pretty isn't it? If only I knew how to ride it.

His bike. Ridden frequently. It's pretty too. Just not as pretty as mine.

And...drumroll.... Post-makeover!!!

You likey?

EDITED TO ADD: Please don't think that my decorating skills made this room what it is today. Nope, ALL of the furniture, and the bedding was selected by Newlywed Husband...I haven't the slightest clue when it comes to home decor. My forte is limited to candles (note the hurricane on the dresser, and picture frames (covering the desk). Oh, and I picked out the new computer/wireless all-in-one printer/faxer thingy. (Why? Because I'm the blogger in the family...and one must have the proper equipment to blog, yes?)


Karen Solomon said...

it is beautiful!

Elaine said...

Is that the Hudson collection from PB?? Me = jealous. Want to makeover my bedroom??