Friday, February 27, 2009

Newlywed Wife-isms - Oklahoma Edition.

Newlywed Wife here - still here in Midwest City, Oklahoma! Several of the amusing things that I've heard today:

From the General Manager upon seeing me this morning (wearing what I thought was a fairly conservative Ann Taylor dress)... "Well, don't you look spicy today!"

From one of the Sales Managers..."Can I get an application to be your next husband? I have a really cute daughter who was born with all of her organs outside of her body, and she needs a mommy. Oh, and you're smokin'." (Trust me, I didn't ask for clarification on his daughter's organ location, and also refrained from informing him that 'you're smokin' is not a good pick-up line).

From my sales rep, who has been up here part of the time with me, "When I worked in the car business in OK 15 years ago, it was way rougher than it is now! Two of my sales managers had ankle bracelets, and one of them had to go back to the state pen."

From the sales managers(same one as above), when I told him the story of the two sales managers with ankle bracelets that my sales rep had worked with (see above), in an attempt to convince this manager and the general manager that they really need to start doing background tests, "Well, I was one of those guys with the ankle bracelets..." Ahem.

And to close, one of my own quotes from last night...

To the guy standing outside of my hotel last night, who continued to text on his cell phone and ogle me as I struggled to open the door while juggling a laptop bag, an overnight bag, and some hanging clothes, "I'm sorry sir, but in Dallas where I'm from men open the door for a lady. Are all Oklahomian's completely devoid of manners, or is it just you?"

Edited to add: I just talked to our client, and he is thrilled with my work, so apparently I will be making several more trips to Oklahoma in the near future. And while the above quotes struck me as funny, everyone (with the exception of rude door-guy) has been super nice and very welcoming!


Mrs. A said...

new reader to your blog and from Oklahoma.

I'm sorry you're having such a bad experience most Oklahomans are really nice people and are usually some of the first to help someone in distress. I hope you meet some good people from our state soon.

PS your blog rocks.

The Pettijohn's said...

Those Oklahoma boys aren't all that bad :)

I married one!!!! and he's a gentleman!

1 Hot Dish said...

Sorry to hear about your awkward Okie experiences. I promise most of us are really pretty nice though. :) Hope you have lots of nice experiences to come.

Running In Stilettos said...

They're just cranky because "they'd SOONER be in Texas, but they got stuck in Oklahoma!"

thepreppyprincess said...

Midwest City, that brings back memories! We lived in OKC for three years, we both worked at one of the network affiliates. I have to say, people were extraordinarily kind, at least back then.

What an amazing conglomeration of quotes - great post!

Cody, Holly, and Luke said...

I am with The Pettijohns on this one... We married best friends from the great state of Oklahoma!! :)

Lucky in Love said...

I hope you meet some better people soon :)