Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Newlywed Wife-isms.

One of my best girlfriends told me that she loves hanging out with me because she never knows what will come out of my mouth next... (Steph, I love you). Not sure if this is what she was talking about, but here are a few things I've inadvertantly said this week that may be what she was referencing...

To the dog...Winston, stop smelling that pile of poo - other dogs are going to think you're 'special' !

To Newlywed traffic court today there was a 60-something couple making out on my left and two hispanic dudes speaking Farsi and making googly eyes at me on my right. For real, how do you say BACK OFF to these weirdos? Does anyone have an English to Social Miscreant dictionary? Personal space, people!

To Future Farm Wife...Arbor Mist tastes like fruity Sprite. No wonder it was $3.00 for the whole bottle. Oh, and it's a whopping 4% alcohol. *gagging noise*

Not weird. Quirky. Right?


Lovin a Farm Boy said...

Weird or quirky, I don't know. Super funny, for sure!

Married and Lovin' it! said...

WIFE-isms. That is rich!! Did you trademark that?? Well - then let me give you my legal wizard's email...!! I'm thinking $$$$$$$$$$$$!!!!!