Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mid-Wed Blogger Alert!

It's Wednesday and you know what that means...time to make a new friend! Meet the Newlywed Next Door! She and her husband live in beautiful Southern California (I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous, I'm not jealous...), and she is just stinkin' adorable!

Bonus: Newlywed Next Door's job requires lots of travel, so tune in to her blog tomorrow for her recurring feature "Travel Trip Thursday"!

(Click on the picture to go to her blog, or click here.)


Newlywed Next Door said...

I was scrolling through my google reader and saw this! What a fun suprise!!! You are so cute! Thanks so much for the shout-out!

Lindsey said...

Love her blog, and yours too!

thepreppyprincess said...

If we like hers half as much as we like yours it will be fabulous!

Off for a visit...